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Natsume Yuujinchou Go Specials (Subtitled) BluRay

Sweet, sweet translated specials.

Finally, both specials were translated and therefore I updated the files from the last post. Use the patch commands, there are several so read the ‘how to apply’ text file for instructions. So, if you have the original files just download the patches from the DDL page and you’re good to go. And again, comment or like my releases at anidex, thanks! 🙂

torrents: anidex


  1. Cryptic Cryptic

    Thanks for all the hard work <3

    I look forward to season 6 BD releases 🙂

  2. Xerxes Xerxes

    Hi! I’ve been a fan of your work since season 1 of Natsume Yuujinchou. I’ve been waiting for your uploads for Go and Roku. I’m wondering if you’re gonna upload a batch or BD version, so that I can download Go all at once. Thanks!

    • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

      I just finished Go, not sure if I batch it, you can still get them with only three torrents or via XDCC. Regarding Roku, I will release them at some point, but so far only two volumes are out.

  3. Mai Mai

    What abt Nyanko-sensei & the First Errand?

    • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

      I’ll look into it, I’ve done one but can’t remember which one it was.

  4. Me Me

    Any news on Roku?

    • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

      I’m still working on it, no eta though sorry.

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